Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Portable Dance Festival

Beginning March 23, 2009, a free, month-long dance festival called the Portable Art Festival will be available by podcast on your iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP player or computer. The dances in the festival were filmed at international locations (China, Mexico, the Netherlands) and around New York City by 48 professional dancers who volunteered for the project. The goal of the festival is to bring dance to a wider audience; according to Pascal Rekoert, the producer of the festival and artistic director of the Manhattan-based dance group Flexicurve, the medium generally has not attracted as big or varied an audience as other artforms.

For the full story, read the NY Daily News article.

To sign up for the Portable Dance Festival, check out www.flexicurve.com. Click on "Podcasts" and then "Subscribe."

My friend, the Brooklyn-based artist and videographer Meghann Snow, was involved in the final shoot for the project, which took place in the Desert Pavilion of the Steinhardt Conservatory at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

To view Meghann's independent artwork,
check out the videos on her Vimeo page and her mixed-media work at www.gallerythe.org.

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