Monday, March 9, 2009

Róisín Murphy Covers Bryan Ferry's "Slave To Love"

Róisín Murphy, formerly (the better half) of musical duo Moloko, recently recorded a cover of the 1985 anthem "Slave to Love" by Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music fame). While cover songs often miss the mark creatively or seek to reproduce the song note by note, here is a sleek, stylish version based in Róisín's unique, eccentric electro-pop-dance blend complete with dark, brooding atmosphere and sexy, purred lead vocals. Perhaps signalling Róisín's rising star, the song was recently featured in a television commercial for the Gucci by Gucci pour Homme fragrance, also starring a dapper James Franco.

Listen to the full length studio version of "Slave to Love":

Although the unreleased recording is considerably (and understandably, given the nature of the medium) more polished, a live version circulating on from a November 2008 concert in Glasgow provides a glimpse into Róisín's spectacular stage presence, delightfully surreal aesthetic and quirky persona. Yet she manages to still come off extremely chic and fashion-forward! I can't get over the choreography and the costumes, especially the checkerboard patterned, stuffed deer cape! How I wish Róisín would tour North America!

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