Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Röyksopp Album Titled "Junior"

Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp is set to release a new album entitled "Junior" on March 23, 2009. It has been described as a mix of the sounds of their two previous recordings, the 2001 debut "Melody A.M." and 2005 sophomoric release "The Understanding".

The first single, "Happy Up Here," debuted on January 9, 2009. The Pop-Art billboard and retro video game-inspired music video is available on their website and YouTube.com.

The second single, "The Girl and The Robot," features lead vocals by Swedish singer Robyn. Both songs are excellent, fun, high energy tunes. Though "Happy Up Here" indeed successfully combines the sounds of their previous outings, "The Girl and The Robot" takes the electro-pop-dance theme to the next level. It seems more accessible to a wider audience and I can definitely see it becoming a big club hit.

Listen to "The Girl and The Robot" here:

"Junior" will be followed up with a related album entitled "Senior," which is being described as more quiet, introspective, ambient and atmospheric. This should not be confused with the now-defunct Danish alterna-pop musical duo Junior Senior, who once instructed us to "shake your coconuts... until the nut comes out."

Though Röyksopp's tour schedule is up on their website, I regret to say I don't see anything yet for North America. Here's hoping they decide to visit Toronto!

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