Sunday, May 3, 2009

dZihan & Kamien Release Third Studio Album "Music Matters"

Austrian downtempo house and acid jazz music duo dZihan & Kamien released their third studio album "Music Matters" on Couch Records late last month in Europe. They have begun to once again challenge their musical sensibilities, exploring melodies and songs in a new, more organic way. They have also enlisted the Icelandic singer, songwriter and trombone-player Helgi Jonsson to lend vocals to the recordings. On their website——the pair explains that the recordings were made in a "vintage" way, quite opposed to how they approached their previous outings, "Freaks and Icons" and "Gran Riserva". Intentionally avoiding their usual reliance on electronic techniques of sampling, cutting and editing, on "Music Matters" they perform and play almost all instruments themselves.

"Music Matters" is very eclectic overall and the tempo ranges greatly across songs, from high energy dance or electro tracks to mid-tempo pop songs to slow guitar or piano laden ballads. There is a hint of the duo's usual penchant for jazz, house and dance styles on songs like "Busted", but the album heavily incorporates elements of alternative rock and pop in tunes like "Take a Minute", "The Time" and "Summer Fever", aspects of folk in songs like "I Wish", and edgier electro pop in other tracks like "Bazooka" and "My Music". Although it is clear they are exploring a new musical direction here, dZihan & Kamien's own signature style is imprinted indelibly on the songs and their traditional emphasis on melody shines through.

No word yet on a North American album release or tour—hopefully we can expect both soon! Visit the dZihan & Kamien website to listen to full streaming samples of "Music Matters" and other albums.

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