Thursday, March 12, 2009

H&M Spring 2009 Campaign Features Shalom Harlow, Eva Herzigova and... Vincent Gallo?

Trendy Swedish retail giant and masstige brand innovator H&M's Spring 2009 ad campaign has launched and it stars the inimitable Shalom Harlow, Eva Herzigova and Vincent Gallo. Gallo at first seemed like a bizarre, unlikely choice but he cleans up well and looks surprisingly chiseled and modelesque alongside the professional mannequins. Harlow, Herzigova and Gallo look like they're having a fabulous time; the ads are fun, breezy, carefree. The dynamic shoot seems geared towards generating excitement and anticipation for the arrival of spring after a long, dreary winter—the weather will get warmer, flowers will bloom, not to mention we'll have to build a new seasonal wardrobe! The red geometric motifs add coherence to the campaign, adhering to a bright colour scheme of saturated reds, oranges and purples, which is tempered by clean neutrals white, tan, grey and black, and set against a stark, modern white background. For more campaign images, check out The Fashion Spot.

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