Friday, March 20, 2009

Arch Appeal

Barely a day goes by where I don't encounter someone with either overplucked or overgrown eyebrows; both are equally unsightly—and then there's the woman at my dentist's office who brushes her eyebrow hairs straight up, trims them and sets them in place with brow gel so they take the form of a row of vertical hairs.

In any case, the London Telegraph has published an excellent guide by Shavata Singh, who has 10 eyebrow studios across Britain, on how to create perfect eyebrows. Right now, the most sought after eyebrow shape is very full or natural with an arch—think Brooke Shields circa the 1980s but more manicured. This guide is a must read, especially for my fellow recessionistas who insist on becoming experts at grooming our own brows! But if you're still wary of your brow-grooming abilities, Singh suggests having a professional shape them at first and thereafter maintaining them yourself on a daily basis.

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p said...

it is weird how important eyebrows can be. as soon as someone has really bad eyebrows or no eyebrows, it changes their face significantly. unfortunately, if you overdo it, some eyebrow hairs never grow back.
i got my eyebrows shaped professionally a few years ago and the crap-a$$ eyebrow lady messed them up by making them super thin. i just wanted a re-shape, not a thinning. they mostly went back to normal but in some spots, the hairs never grew back :(