Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carine Roitfeld Revealed on CNN

This month CNN: Revealed features one of the most chic and influential women in the world of fashion, Paris Vogue Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld.

In the segment, Roitfeld dared to utter the "F" word so rarely heard in the elite world of high fashion: Frugal. Although she doesn't want the quality of fashion and her publication to suffer, she is keenly aware of the reality of the global recession and how the industry can cope in a positive way—in times of recession, challenges can be overcome with creativity and innovation instead of excessive funding. According to Roitfeld, "I think we need to become more frugal. Not on quality, just on organization. Some things got too far away. There were people who were flying private jets -- we need to go back to reality. I don't want to take the money out of the beauty of the picture, I don't want to change the paper of the magazine, I don't want to change the materials, but we can do it another way. When it's more difficult you have to be more creative."

CNN: Revealed accompanies Roitfeld to the haute couture shows in Paris, follows her to the U.S. for New York Fashion Week, speaks to her children about growing up with a style icon, and goes behind the scenes at a Vogue photo shoot where Roitfeld discusses her plans for the future.

Watch the videos here.

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